Monday, May 21, 2012

Living Things.

One week. An entire week of watering and sunning and then Brad finally called my Mother's Day plant for the wilting failure that it was and threw it away. Let it not be a microcosm to my parenting. But isn't that sort of what a Mother's Day plant is representative of? Nurture? My poor kids are doomed.

Speaking of living things, if you're bad at taking care of them, you probably shouldn't take your children to visit the full bred and adorable (and wickedly inexpensive) golden labs in town. Because now a puppy is coming today.


  1. Hey, I almost immediately stepped on my rose's head, so you're not alone. I think bad outcomes to these symbols are inevitable.

    And those labs are scrumptious. I'm glad one is coming to your home.

  2. Yay! So happy you're getting a dog. Hope its a sweet, mellow one :) Not like Marley and Me! I love my dogs and loved having one growing up. Make sure to post pics, name, boy or girl... etc. Can you tell I'm a dog person?