Friday, May 4, 2012

In the tub

I had a lot to do one day last week. It was a hectic day. So I decided to let Claire paint.

Our only washable paint is blue. And The last time I let the munchkins use it, Brad came home and asked if we'd murdered an avatar. Paint was splattered everywhere. It's still in our drapes.

So this time I thought I would just have Claire paint in the bathtub.

It started so well.

It ended with me making friends with a nylon brush and every cleaner in our home. Which makes for the first serious scrubbing of that shower in over a month. So... Win win? Maybe?


  1. Yeah, agreed, I see good mom written all over that!!!

  2. There are some really cool shaving cream bathtub paint ideas all over pinterest.... might be a little easier on your when it comes to clean up time.