Saturday, May 7, 2011

This day

Claire doesn't yet understand that "today" refers to the current day. So when I say something innocent like, "We're going to the pool today!" She usually responds, "We're going to the pool this day?!"

"Yes, Claire. Today."

"Is it today?"

"Yes, Claire."


She is a hilarious child. Sometimes intentionally. Usually not. She is polite (always asking "please," and "may I,") as long as she's not pitching a fit (and those are loud and long and persistent). She. is. determined. And she is bright.

On this day (and every day) Claire has done many things.
  • She walked around the house mumbling lines from her favorite movies including (but not limited to):
    • Despicable Me ("Hey, you're the guy who pretended to be a recorded message!... No, that was someone else."
    • Baby Signing Time ("Speech delays, autism...")
    • Tangled ("Why is he smiling at me?")
  • She asked me why she couldn't have the MnM's dad had eaten all gone. I explained that he had eaten them. They were GONE. Then she asked, "No! Why can't I eat them?" as if I had misunderstood the question. This conversation repeated several times. Similar conversations occur several times a day.
  • She washed her hands approximately twenty times at my insistence. I have insisted because she has three cold sores and can't keep her fingers off them. It started with one under her nose and has spread to her chin and next to her eye. Curse cold sores. Curse, curse, curse.
  • She asked me to tickle her back. It's her favorite thing.
  • She jumped on my bed and said, "Mom, you're  a silly Mom." She jumped thoughtfully and added with pursed lips, "You're a mean Mom too."
I love that kid. Even if she does think I'm mean.

*In yesterday's entry, Grace is on the bottom rack of the shopping cart. Her hair is dragging on the floor and her fingers are about to be flattened. She thinks it's awesome.

**Thank you for your homeschooling comments. All of them. I am contemplating.

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