Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loony Bin

I think I've decided to homeschool Grace next year.

And I wasn't really expecting it, but I'm getting a lot of negative feedback about homeschooling from friends and acquaintances. Also. Carlsbad is about ten years behind the times, so support groups for homeschooling are almost non-existent. In other areas across the country, homeschool has made such great strides that kids can participate in school sports and even choose to attend some classes.

But not here. I can't even envision when that would be possible.

And I don't like being unconventional. Or being a ringleader. Or an activist. Or proving myself to people. It's not my thing.

I could list a variety of reasons for homeschooling, most of which would be academic. And maybe I'll do that later. But what it really comes down to for me is my guts. I have a gut feeling that I need to try homeschooling Grace. Just try.

Think I'm crazy?


  1. More than anything, anything, Home Schooling does not give children the social interaction that is MOST important during the devolpmental stages. You can always supplement at home to keep up academics, but you can't provide the social interaction/conflict resolution/bestfriend connection/independance factor from home that needs to happen away from mom and siblings.

    (Just my observation from my own peers that have home schooled their children, who are now young adults and NOT making it in the world. It is not that they cannot compete in the academia world, but they are suffering and lacking the social give and take that come from experiences away from Mom and Dad )

  2. Elise. Move back home (the NW). Our kids are the same ages. We can do this together! I could give you arguments for and against, but FOLLOW YOUR GUT!

  3. So i will have to sort of disagree with Marilyn. While yes it is important for children to gain those social interaction experiences while young, they don't need to have those ONLY in school, they can be found in many other locations such as church, play groups, rec centers etc... As long as the kids get those interaction from some place, they will be totally fine.

    I am one of 5 kids, all of us were homeschooled, and I will quietly brag that we all turned out fairly normal! :) Yes homeschooling does have its challenges, but those are easily overcome! Check out this blog

    That is actually my oldest sister, she is currently expecting her 9th child, and has homeschooled ALL of her children. About every other post on the blog is a "how to" for homeschooling. The ages of her children range from 15-2. I can honestly say, even though i may have a biased opinion since they are my nieces and nephews :), that those are some of the most well rounded and well adjusted, and non socially awkward children I have ever met!!

    Grace will be fine, you will be great at teaching her and you two will, for the most part, love every minute of it!! Good luck!! It is a very exciting new adventure. :)

  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to home school your child. Sometimes it's just the best thing for certain children, or when you live in areas where schools are lacking. Don't feel bad wanting to do something that you believe is best for your child.
    Also, you can create opportunities for her to socialize with friends all week long, so that doesn't have to be an issue either, in my opinion.

  5. you put a dooser out here Elise, there are A LOT of opinions for and against homeschooling. A good friend of mine who is a fabulous homeschool/type mom has her kids to Kindergarten and then sees how they are and gives her kids the option for first grade if they want to go to school or not. she has four-her first is doing first second grade at home, but for next year will be doing montessori and her next two are both in kindergarten (twins) and she said next year one asked to do home school and one asked to go to school..she said that way her kids feel apart of the decision. for me, its that I know I wouldn't end up following through over time, and quiet honestly, I really, REALLY enjoy my time when my kids are away, it makes me appreciate them even more when they come back. :) happy decision making :)

  6. My sister has home schooled all of our kids. They are brilliant and well adjusted.

    They have recently moved back to Utah and of necessity put them in the public schools. (She has been remodeling her home) Her high school kids are thriving, having developed wonderful study habits. The younger children are struggling with the public school. (Too many dictator type teachers. Not enough challenge in the academic area.)

    For what it's worth!

  7. Been thinking about this post. Been thinking that "gut" is likely another word for some really prayerful consideration, in which case I say go for it. Lead the ring! Act the vist! Or, you know.

    Really though, every kid is different and you know Grace best. You'll know what to do. You gotta trust that.

  8. Trust your gut. I have lots of thoughts regarding this topic since I quasi-home schooled Hyrum this year.

    Social skills are and should be primarily learned in the home. Kids take after their parents. If the parents are odd and socially inept, then the kids will most likely be too. Social skills are not always positive. We think we need to send our kids to school to learn how to relate with people and learn life skills. How many weirdos did you go to school with? I for one, knew quite a few anti-social kids with major issues at school. Bullying, swearing, ect. These are some examples of the social skills your kids can learn at public school. While it's not all bad, I would like the people who are for public schools because that's the place for social skills, to realize that all social skills are not always positive!

    I'm not willing to sacrifice my child's budding imagination, creativy, and inteligence for the sake of "social skills."

    I am not pro-homeschool, or pro-public school. I'm pro doing what is best for your child. Sounds like you know what is best for Grace, so do it.

    Have confidence in your abilities, I have confidence in you and know you can not only do it, but do it well. I know what it's like to go against the grain...hello! vegan mormon with four kids, ages 5 and under (can you say, CRAZY?!). You CAN do it.

  9. Go for it, Elise! I was homeschooled all the way through high school and I would modestly suggest I turned out fairly normal. :) I'm happily married, lots of friends, did well in college, ummm, what else do you need? I may be a uber-nerd but at least Michael finds it charming ;) I am busy making plans to start sliding into homeschooling Jed this fall. He is a little early for Kindergarten but we are going to go ahead and start with some Charlotte-Mason-ish type activities. I'm totally enjoying my planning, you should email me and we can exchange ideas!

  10. I absolutely don't think you're crazy. I've talked to a LOT of people about this and what I hear from most people about the whole social thing is this:
    1) If the parents are weird then the kids would end up weird whether or not they are being homeschooled. If the parents are normal, well-adjusted individuals, the kids are going to be fine either way.
    2) Your kids will have plenty of social opportunities. At school they will be dominated by their peers. At home they will be dominated by adults and children of varying ages. In that respect, homeschooling sounds better to me, personally.
    3) I think we've moved past the era where homeschooled kids were all backwards-thinking, socially weird, strange people. With the internet, phones, playgroups, etc. they will be well connected with a lot of people.

    And who's to say you stick with it forever? Maybe after kindergarten you change your mind.

    I say there's no right answer for everyone. Do what you know is right for you, your daughter, and your family as a whole, whether that's in school or in home. You'll give her a great base either way, so you really can't go wrong! =)

  11. All I'm gonna say is ... I'll take the risk of a social reject over the risk of someone else educating said social rejects. Hello? Have you SEEN the kids in school these days. Go hang out during recess ... that's enough motivation to keep them home and foster your own homeschool social reject. I guarantee that your version will be cooler than the school's version. The kids in school are so consumed with their iPod, iTouch, cell phone, etc. that they can't even carry on normal social relationships. If you want a kid who can communicate socially ... keep her home and teach her how to do it. Cause they don't teach that in school anymore.

    *Yes. This is a massive generalization, subject to all sorts of 'exceptions'. :D

  12. I agree with Alicia and the Vegan Moma. I have been considering homeschooling for the last two years. Dylan is in Kindergarten now and even though it's been an overall positive experience, I still think there's so much more he could be getting from and "education". We'll have to talk on the phone, soon! Love you, and good luck, you're gonna be awesome!!! Grace couldn't have a better teacher and mother. AFter all, you care alot more about your child than any teacher does.