Monday, May 2, 2011

This Mother's Day.

Last year Mother's Day at our house went largely uncelebrated. We were broke. And Brad [who is an amazing gift giver when he has money to spend] didn't have any free gift ideas.

Our family was participating in our post-Sunday-nap ritual. It occurs after church, after a mandatory hour-long quiet time. The girls wander into our room, pile on the bed and Brad tickles them until someone's eye gets poked out. It's fun. You should try it. Anyway.

As he tortured one of our children, I gave Brad a hard time about his observance of Mother's day. "You could have written me a note. You could have at least brought me breakfast in bed." [I am. like. the best wife. ever.]

That must have been the last straw. He ceased his attacks on the girls and instead attempted to tickle me to death. He at least succeeded in getting me to laugh so hard that I had to stop nagging. Which was probably the point.

He stopped long enough for me to catch my breath, and then I felt a little finger tapping my back. I rolled to my other side causing enough motion to almost tip a bowl of Rice Krispies that had just been placed on the mattress. Behind it ducked a shy Grace, waiting for me to gush over my breakfast in bed. I did. I gushed profusely. And ate the cereal. And thoroughly enjoyed it.

And then I felt profoundly guilty for being a guilt-tripping bad mother.

And that is how I feel Mother's Day goes in a nutshell: disappointment, mushiness, guilt. There is so much to look forward to.

And on that note, what do you want for Mother's Day? Or... what do you plan on giving to your Mother?


  1. I hate mother's day. The whole contrived, "Everybody thank mom for the wonderful life she gives us" baloney. It's just so forced. The whole day I'm depressed. But I always send my mom and mother-in-law a card and/or gift.

    The bad news is this Sunday I'm SPEAKING in SACRAMENT! You had Easter. I have Mother's Day and I'm not thrilled because I really hate this day. ha ha ha

  2. Probably going to get my kids ready for church, deal with them all during sacrament, make my family dinner, hope for no know the usual.:)

  3. And THAT'S why were commanded to be as little children. Give that Gracie Lou a squish from Grandma Betsy.

  4. Ha! Sounds like you and Brent are so good for each other, I love it. And isn't that what moms are all about - lots of love and lots of guilt trips? Sounds like you had the day right to me! ;)

    That breakfast in bed is about the cutest thing I've ever heard!