Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walled In

Our house has been rebelling a little. We've had water issues with leaking sinks and pipe and a broken water heater. Brad has spent a lot of time in the belly and veins of our old home.

Last time we spent so much time doing this, we found an ancient Wendy's wrapper serving as the structure holding up a wall patch.

Yesterday, in the guts of the place, he found this:

I can't even find evidence online that Mission soda produced a lemon flavor.

Anyway. Apparently the walls are an excellent place for finding vintage garbage.

Go rip up your walls.


  1. While Gary was laying subfloor in the attic above our garage, he came into the house carrying a jar ... with a yellow/brown liquid. Then he said, "This sort of crap makes me hate Mexicans". (He loves Mexicans, like, a lot. He served his mission in Mexico.) I think that anyone who pees in a jar and then leaves it in your attic during construction makes it onto your list of 'people you hate'.

    Could be much worse ... was the lemon soda empty? See. It could be worse. ;)

  2. BTW, we'd been here for 4 1/2 years at that point. Walking in and out of the garage ... while some stranger's urine rotted above us. Not cool. Not cool at all.

  3. That is cool! When you finally get settled in I want to see what you decided about the floor layout. Also, how's your belly? I know you hate belly shots but c'mon! Have you decided on a name yet?

  4. Glad you got there, but we are so sorry about all the water problems. Our house we are still waiting to get into was build in the 50's and we are just hoping we don't run into problems like that because let's face it - Dave is not as handy as Brad.

  5. hm . . . our house was built in 2001, so i wonder if I could find some backstreet boys cds or something. . . I love your blog--so very clever. :)