Monday, August 9, 2010

Even More Road Tripping.

We are finally moved into our home in Carlsbad. [That's New Mexico. We are not Californians.] And I am so relieved that I don't plan on going anywhere till Christmas. But we did take several more short road trips before finally settling in. And I have pictures.

{forgive my self-indulgence here. I like pretty barns.}

{and stacks of hay.}

{This is Main Street--yes. Main. Street.--of one of the towns we passed through. See if you can find the "Lazy SOB Ranch" sign. 10 points.}

{When I go on road trips with the girls, we do not stop at restrooms. There are many reasons for this. Let me share them with you. 1. There are simply not enough towns with bathrooms to allow for my childrens' small bladders. 2. Bathrooms in the middle of nowhere do not get cleaned. 3. We like waving at the cows and insects we see when we pull over on the side of the road instead. This is one such creature. He attempted to jump into our car. He may look harmless...}

{...but he. was. HUGE.}

{Let me just interject here that I am so relieved to learn that this charming motel [check it out in the background--that's. it.] is now under new "menagement." And, well, let's be frank. Those "lo low rates" are pretty good news too.}


  1. Love this post. Love barn and hay pictures too. Loooove the Motel sign. And, I get 10 points.

    Congrats on moving in! That's gotta feel good!

  2. I want to blow up that barn pic and frame it. You guys manage to have fun wherever you are, good for you!

  3. hilarious! that is one huge grasshopper. And I would totally stay at that hotel! haha