Thursday, August 5, 2010

Posted at our local Holiday Inn Pool:
Let's discuss the issues I have with this sign.
  1. What is a "problem disease," exactly? Tell me: are there diseases out there that are not problems? What are the happy diseases?
  2. How many problem-diseased people are in the pool with me right now that make this sign necessary?
  3. Shouldn't the sign read, "Warning: possibly contagious problem-diseased people using this pool. Use at your own risk." ?
  4. Why not, "If you are contagiously diseased. or sick. Do not use the pool. Thank you."


  1. What happened is the sign was made in English, then translated into Chinese, then translated back. This is why the world needs more good copy editors.

  2. Hm...I would not go in the pool. Nothing like an ambiguous sign to make me wary and overly-paranoid.

  3. I was laughing after about the first six words, and it just got worse as the blog went on. You should have a sign on this post: If You Have Any Child Sleeping in the Next Room with Cracking of Door, Read Blog at Your Own Risk.

  4. haha.

    Hmmm..not to defend the stupidity of the sign...but maybe they meant "If you're somebody with a disease that makes it so you shouldn't be in a jacuzzi (people with heart problems, etc), then you do so at your own risk."

    Err..something like that.

    Everybody's gotta cover their arse these days... :)

  5. I was thinking the same thing, but really. Isn't there a better definition for such people as opposed to problem disease? Lol.