Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Does anybody listen to RadioLab? Well, you should. It's the best. Last week's segment discussed randomness.

Which is pretty random.

Because last weekend Brad and I went to a movie theater we'd never been to before to see Transformers in a nearly sold-out room, and almost had to sit apart until a nice group of "kids" scooted over for us. ["Kids" is in quotes because I think they were probably no younger than me. But they looked young. And they seemed careless and free. Which means that can't possibly be adults.]

And they started chatting with us. Which doesn't happen to me very often.

And. They were from Carlsbad, NM. My favorite town. Population: 30,000. Distance from movie theater in question: over 500 miles.

We caught up on the local gossip as if we were old friends.

Random, no?


  1. Just listened to this one on the way home. My jaw was dropped about the Lauras for several miles.

    Love that you had your own random experience. Love that you love that little town.

  2. I need to listen. Podcasts are my gateway to the world. The world beyond children and diapers that is.

    Glad you had a happy moment of randomness.

  3. Well who were they and what did they say? Did they talk about ME? Um, not that there is anything to say ... ahem, um, anyway look forward to seeing you!