Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I Learned Today at the Movie Theater

  1. Up is not a children's movie. When the kids are not bored, they are terrified.
  2. I am an emotional wreck, apparently. In the first five minutes of the movie I was already dripping tears. I couldn't even control the weeping when I tried to explain the ending to Brad on the way home. 
  3. My children are incapable [still] of behaving in public. Grace does not comprehend the concept of whispering. She is obscenely loud. And Claire thinks the bald man in front of us needs his head patted. And both of them think it's a lot more fun to run circles around the theater than to watch the screen. [Which is how they ended up in time-out at the mall.]
  4. My children are easily lost. Grace's favorite activity is to wriggle her hand free from Daddy's grip and to sprint in the opposite direction.
  5. Claire needs a lot of sleep. And when she doesn't get it, she should not be allowed out of the house. In the unfortunate event that she engages in sleep-deprived-out-of-house-ness, she does unthinkably naughty things. Like ripping mommy's blouse open while mommy is carrying her out of the mall.
An educational day, I think.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am soooooo sorry! I have decided recently that children are put here to embarass us and humble us as parents. Because let me tell you, I've been humbled! I feel so bad for my parents as I was growing up!
    But I guess I will not tell you about our UP experience because actually, for once, it was a good one. They both sat still and watched the whole thing. But it was a FIRST! Usually we are chasing Cora all around the movie theater too. And this time she did keep on yelling, "Kevin!" but other than that we were pleasantly surprised. I guess I did tell you about our UP experience sorry. But just know that it was really unusual. I can totally picture Grace loving wriggling her hand free from Brad, so funny!

    Longest comment ever, sorry.

  2. I love the image of Claire patting the bald man's head. And disrobing you. THAT is funny stuff. I'm sure in a few years I won't be laughing so much as crying....

  3. Always learning. That's so eternally-minded. Love you. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. you're such an excellent writer. that compliment, may or may not make you feel better, but i hope it does.

  5. Oh my goodness, you are one brave woman going to the theater with 2 little kids! I tried it the other day and was a little intimidated standing in line while everyone stared me down, as if they were saying with their stares, "please, please say you aren't going to be in the same theatre as me...". =)

    It sounds like your girls are full of TONS of personality! I'm sure it's quite the challenge now, but will make for the most entertaining family reunions when they are grown up and have children of their own! =)

  6. I couldn't stop crying in that movie either! And I think Claire and I are kindred spirits about the sleep thing. Except I don't go ripping people's blouses open. I just rip their heads off. :)

  7. Elise, glad it was uh...educational. Funny, that I had to laugh at your expense though. We hope you're doing well. I still love you lots, just wish I could see you. I'm glad to know that it's not just my kids that misbehave! Dylan just turned 4 and somehow came up with an attitude recently. yikes.