Sunday, May 31, 2009

Traveling Zoo

I'm in the car. In the passenger seat. Brad is driving [as always], and Grace, Claire, Karlee are spread out on the seats. There's a lizard hiding somewhere in here too. He (or she, I guess) is meant for a cousin we will see on the other side of this ridiculously long road trip. I have heard, though, that lizards are skittish. And if this one does not have a particularly strong constitution, Claire's rhythmic, ear-piercing screams may already have scared him to death.


Is it wrong to give your children Dramamine?

We stopped in our hometown of Carlsbad last night. We have good friends here who always let us stay with them. During our eight hour stop, Brad snuck to our house and picked up his turtles. He didn't tell me until we'd started off this morning that they are in boxes in the back. Occassionally they start to scratch and Karlee demands of Brad how he can be so sure that they won't scratch through and eat her.

I'm ready to arrive.


  1. and I'm ready for you to arrive too....

  2. Bummed that you could only stay 8 hours in C-bad--but I completely understand why--you are on VACATION. If you stop in on the way home and have any time, give me a call!

  3. If I were on VACATION, I would BE in Carlsbad for a week! I'm working a wedding. LOL.

  4. We just did a long road-trip as well... wow. Quite the feat!

    I have to say that I just got released as a nursery worker. I cried when they gave me the calling (not because I was happy, either. It was the EXACT same week Sheldon went into nursery and I was 15 weeks pregnant or so...). Anyway, I just about cried by the time they released me because I was so sad to leave it. I'm glad it will give you an extra hour or two with Claire each week.

    Oh, and Grace looks so much like you!

  5. it was fun to see you & your cute girls this weekend.