Sunday, May 17, 2009


I never wanted to be a Nursery worker. I thought of it as the ward's black hole. Announcements don't get to those Nursery people sometimes. And when they start missing Enrichment meetings, the rest of the ward starts to wonder if they're still active.

I didn't ever see Nursery as particularly spiritually uplifting or mentally engaging, either. At least not for the leaders. They seemed to constantly be breaking up fights, wiping noses, and singing songs to staring and/or distracted little children.

I substituted. And I made thank-you gifts for the Nursery workers. 

But I kept my distance.

And then I was called as a counselor in our ward's Primary Presidency. I was completely, ridiculously, out of my element.

I'll write a detailed list of my failures in that capacity later. There are many.

But I found myself very comfortable in the nursery. And I liked the extra time with Claire. And so whenever they needed extra help, I volunteered. 

I found myself longing for the Nursery.

Today our Presidency was released. And I got a new calling.

I'm a Nursery Worker.

Today my Bishop asked my mom how I felt about the calling. She said, "Well, you know, about three times this week she's randomly said, 'I just can't tell you how excited I am right now about my new calling!'"

It's true. I'm elated.



  1. I like the nursery, too. Maybe because in our ward there are only like five kids with six leaders, so it's more like gossip hour...

  2. haha I'm in the Primary Presidency. it's growing on me. I definitely struggled since I see my child all day every day sometimes I wish I just had a break from kids. Hopefully it will keep growing on me. Good Luck! PS. I started a new blog you might like. check it out

  3. Congrats on a happy calling. From the sound of things, you can use a job you enjoy--even if it's just for a few hours a week.

  4. Congratulations! Nursery is the best. I've assigned myself as an assistant nursery worker because the ladies in there sort of ignore the kids and Lily was getting knocked over too often. If you don't get the announcements, that's your visiting teacher's fault :)

  5. sounds like you need to have baby number three :)