Friday, May 8, 2009

Stress and Boredom

Yesterday, Brad insisted I had a small patch of white hair in the back of my head. I didn't believe him. I'm 26 for Pete's sake. So I sat very still while he pulled out a strand as proof.

I was incredulous. I grabbed the hair and carefully examined. The bottom half was brown, but the piece coming from my scalp was stark white. I laughed at the contrast and the surprise. Brad pointed to the place the colors met and said, "And...that's where you started working."

Maybe so.

Working at a mindless job can create a lot of problems. Like white hair, evidently. And lack of family time. And tiredness. And a complete lack of creativity.

The last is the main reason for my rare posts. I think of little else but office politics, excel spreadsheets, phonecalls, emails, and... sleep. Oh, how I long for sleep as I stare blankly at a screen while entering numbers.

And so, you see, I have nothing to write about. I have, in fact, fallen asleep twice while blogging.

I bore even myself. Speaking of which...

Is that you snoring?

Night, night.

More later.


  1. Maybe you should turn your blog into a stress relieving mechanism. Like maybe you could satire office life somehow, create your own Dilbert-esque comic strip.

  2. Elise I got white hair right after I married Gordon. I was 22. It happens. Sorry

  3. My dad's hair didn't turn gray until he got teenage daughters. That's something to look forward to! ;)
    Keep up the good work, what you are doing is an investment in your family - even if it just feels like stapling papers. =)