Monday, March 31, 2008

Religious Retreat

My family didn't really do Easter egg hunts when I was growing up. And we never decorated eggs. My parents used to be religiously practical, and practically speaking, children do not eat multi-colored egg salad sandwiches for three weeks in a row. So, no dying, no hunting.

But I married into a family full of adults who decorate eggs and hold an egg hunt competition. It's funny. It would probably be fun to participate, except that I am a miserable failure at egg hunting. I blame my childhood. Anyway, because Brad's family has this great tradition, we usually end up with them for Easter.

And that's what we did this year. Easter plus an entire week of fun time. And aside from Grace tossing her cookies on our way there, the 14 hour trip wasn't so bad. I'll probably have to spread out the travelog over the next couple of days. In the meantime, though, here are some pics to get my family off my back (that means you, Elliot!):

{My mother-in-law, Janna, made these dresses. Aren't they adorable? They have already worn them two Sundays in a row and will wear them again at least two more consecutive times after Conference. I'm a big fan.}

I have to mention here that while egg hunting is not my forte, decorating is a blast. And although I prefer colorful themes and sometimes egg animals, Brad amused himself with a religious theme this year. His eggs sported material worthy of your neighborhood Baptist reader-board sign with phrases such as: "Resurrection Rocks," and "Don't be dead, eat the Bread." He was attempting thoughtfulness. Not blasphemy. I promise.


  1. Look Elise! Your kids ARE photogenic! Those dresses are ADORABLE!!! I'm glad you had fun!

  2. I love those dresses! my mom hated the mess of dying eggs, as you can see in my blog I am the same way.

  3. So darling, Elise. The picture of Grace with her head tilted and smiling ... precious! It needs to be enlarged and framed and nailed into a wall. Your girls are so wonderful. Glad you had a nice Easter with the Nevilles. I can't believe Janna sewed those dresses. I didn't think anybody sewed anymore. They're fabulous.

  4. SO IMPRESSED with the dresses Janna sewed!!!! And it isn't like she has nothing else to do. Glad your inlaws can make up for the weaknesses of your parents, Elise. (Easter, colorful eggs, egg salad sandwiches, beautiful Easter dresses, and a talent for sewing.)