Monday, March 10, 2008


Grace beats me at Memory. Every time. Usually by only one pair, but I'm still getting beat by an almost three year old.

I think I would be a little embarrassed if I weren't bursting with pride.

[My husband insists that I make it clear that we don't actually watch Dora. Although we have enough Dora paraphernalia to argue otherwise. Thank you, Grandma Betsy.]


  1. Why can't Brad let her watch Dora? I know one of the reasons is because you don't have tv but if you did...
    Did you get my text today?

  2. Oh yeah and I forgot to say that Grace is so smart. I can't believe she will be three in just one month!

  3. Brad doesn't like the push toward bilingualism. And he thinks the show is annoying. So our little Grace will not be rambling in Spanish anytime soon. Sniff.

  4. Cute! Your daughter is looking so grown up!