Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Pseudo-American Holiday

My children are naturally unphotogenic. It's the only thing they got from me. Well, that and their mitochondria.

So they are not to be blamed entirely for today's miserably failed photoshoot.

I got up early today and dressed the girls in a gift from Grandma Betsy: "St. Patrick's Day 2008" t-shirts. They--my girls, that is--looked squishably cute. And then it occured to me that their outfits expire today. You just can't re-wear shirts that are specifically dated. I mean, how many times could my kids wear those clothes to playgroup without somebody coming up to me and saying, "Hey, Elise, I noticed your kids are still wearing those St. Patrick's Day shirts, and I also heard you spend like a hundred bucks a month on groceries... are you guys... okay?" Hmmm. Yeah. Not keeping the t-shirts. Time to get out the camera.

Anyway, like I said: the results are less than fabulous. My kids are cuter in person. Also, they do not pose. Nor do they smile at the same time. It's part of their much larger, evil, premortally-planned plot entitled "Driving Mommy Insane."

"Hey Cware, stop pushing me!"

"See, Cware, that's what happens when you push."

"Mommy, I don't like taking pictures."

This is possibly the weirdest smile I have ever seen from Grace.

Claire getting hungry.

Here Grace employs the famous "Mommy Photo Face."

A mediocre but well-behaved shot.


  1. Those pictures are HILARIOUS!!! And if we grandmas want to spend money on one day gifts, indulge us.

  2. Well said Janna.

    I don't laugh outloud very often but these pictures hit me just right!!! Thanks so much for posting the darlings. (Us grandmas don't care how unphotogenic they are.) Is there a way of getting these pics on my phone?

    By the way, finally corrected my email.

  3. I like that in the final success you are tickling Claire's foot with one hand and clicking the camera with the other. A true mother.

  4. So cute. Love these photos. Happy Post-St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Elise. I was guffawing at my desk. Loudly. Perhaps a few snortles in there. Loved the pictures. Your girls are so cute and I can't believe how big Claire is. She's like the physical manifestation of Mike and I's relationship....weird...

  6. I'm dying to see them, Lise. I'll come down to St. George this weekend if I have too but I really want to see them. Not you and Brad so much but the girls, yes.

  7. Elise, I love those pictures, they made me laugh so hard, because I could feel your frustration. But those pictures are price less. You have two adorable girls!!!!!

  8. I don't know what you mean by unphotogenic - you're girls are beautiful. And you are so patient - I would have given up when one of them started crying.

  9. Some carefully placed bleach could turn that 8 into a 9! ;)