Saturday, July 14, 2012

Word to the Wise

(This is a post I drafted in 2010. I thought it was too provocative to post at the time. But I read it yesterday while culling posts and died laughing. So, if it's TMI, forgive me. But it's funny.)

We all have iPhones. My siblings and I. My mom and Karlee have gotten enough new iPhones to supply everyone with their hand-me-downs. I am a fan of the arrangement.

Anyway. When my mom's heart stopped, there was a lot of texting going on. And it was annoying that one person could send out a mass text but then the responses would only be seen by the person who sent the text. We needed to be able to have a text conversation. And then Karlee educated us old people on group texting.

It's like an old-school chat room. One person sends a group text and we all see each other's responses. It can be very convenient. But it's new. And we're still figuring out how to use it.

I really am getting somewhere. Hang in there, people.

So. Last weekish I sent a group text to my family. Brad's family too. It included this picture of this adorable boy:

I received a series of typical responses. Things along the lines of how cute he is.

My dad responded:
"I love that little man. I want to squish him til his legs break!"

My family is violent like that.

Because this was sent in a group text, my dad's text was sent to everyone I originally sent the text to (my siblings and in-laws and Brad's siblings and in-laws). Keep that in mind. Because this is where it gets awkward.

The next two responses are as follows:

Mom: Why don't you come home and squish me until my legs break?

Dad: Show me the way home honey!

Yeah. Awesome. That's when I started sending frantic individual text messages to my parents explaining that their messages were being viewed by Brad's entire family.

My parents thought the mixup was hilarious.

My in-laws not so much maybe. I don't know. I've been too afraid to ask them about it.

Moral of the story: Group texting. Be careful.


  1. I remember that. That was pretty hilarious.

  2. Absolute hilarity. I love it!

  3. Knowing the families, it all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  4. I still don't know how to group text. And I belong to the stone-age people who STILL don't have an I-phone.

  5. Elke is correct, we do not care! I'm pretty sure there is not a single family on the planet as weird and gross as we are. Plus, I don't rememeber any of this and therefore apparently was not included in the group text. Or I was and it was obviously wasn't traumatizing. Love group texting, us park moms do it and it's so funny cuz the conversations can get pretty crazy and long!

  6. I can only add that if many of my texts became public knowledge then everyone would know, as Lorraine has so accurately described, how weird and gross we are.

  7. I had to tell Barrett all about this. We almost had to reenact this and send you a group text.

  8. Dude. The problem isn't group texting. The problem is all the booty calls that go on in the Winter's residence. Or maybe it's not a problem. The only problem might be that the rest of us are getting lapped in the booty call department by OLD people. ;)

    Too funny, Elise. Anyone who knows your parents KNOWS this about them. I promise.