Monday, March 12, 2012

Not an artist.

Last night my sister-in-law was asking me why I don't use Pinterest (hi Lorraine!). I told her I found it overwhelming. And I spend too much time on the computer anyway. But she made a compelling argument that she uses Pinterest to enhance her playtime with her kids. They spend time together making crafts and such.

So I thought I'd give Pinterest another shot.

Surprisingly, I found it less time consuming than I'd thought. I spent one hour while the kids were in bed (still a lot, but not all day like I was afraid of) pinning a million things. And my plan is to just do those things. One by one.

Today we made mini-books. With watercolors.

I sat Claire down to do this, watched her for a few minutes, stood at the sink to do some dishes, and then thought, "To heck with the dishes. I wanna make one."

So I did.

I am not an artist. (As you can see.) But I had fun. And Claire is pretty much totally in love with this silly thing.

Instructions on making a mini book can be found here:


  1. oh. MY. Goodness. Dear Elise, you have inspired the mother within me. What a great momma you are.

  2. Yes! I agree with Taylor, you are the best! Claire will always cherish that and now I need to do something like that too. You made me sound way better than I actually am. But I did just have a baby... I guess I'll cut me some slack for a minute. I did more things when I was just pregnant and only had TWO kids.

    It was sure fun to get to hang out with Claire for a little while this weekend. She really is all those smart and funny things you said about her in the book. My girls absolutely love her even though Cate could not stop calling her Grace. So funny!

  3. LOVE IT!!! The two youngest and I have made books together but nothing as cute as that ... Pinterest is making me a more creative and fun mom. Glad there are more pro's than con's! : )