Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Identity Crisis

I mix up my girls' names. I do it almost every time I use one of their names. Sometimes I look straight at Claire, call her Grace (or vice versa) and don't even realize I've made a mistake. And then I wonder why they look at me blankly while I keep repeating the wrong name.

I didn't realize the effect my thoughtlessness was having.

The other day I was cleaning the house (because that's all I ever seem to be doing) and casually asked, "Claire, what are you doing?" I could hear her and Grace on the top bunk making a ruckus.

Claire responded, "I'm just helping Claire make her bed. I mean, Grace."

I went into my room and laughed. And then felt guilty.

Since I have my own child calling her sister her own name, my problem may be a little out of hand, maybe.


  1. haha.. that's funny. come on, i know all mom's do that :)

  2. That is funny. It's true, we moms all do that. What's worse is I can't even get my nieces names right. I blow it every time.

  3. I don't respect Michelle duggar as much for having 19 kids as much as for keeping their names straight.

  4. I even mix up my husband's and my brother's names. My question is ... did it start once I had children, or have I always been this bad with names?!?! : )

  5. I am cracking up! My kids are constantly saying things like, "Mom, I'm Weston" and I'm like, "I know that", and then they say, "Then don't call me Emmett". Oops!

    But do you know why this is SUPER funny? Because I still remember in 5th grade when you called and left a message on my answering machine and said, (and I quote), "Hi Elise? This is Alicia...oh, wait...I mean, this is Elise..."

    Looks like it might be hereditary! =)