Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's play a game.

Time for you to post your school's AYP math proficiency scores.

Find them by googling [your school/district/state + AYP score], then leave your school's reading and math proficiency averages in the comments section.


  1. I could only find the ISAT % proficient for Spring 2010... but our 5th grade at my kids' school was 97% in reading and 83.8% in math. I've received the same letter though about the option of transferring my child to a different school, and there was only one option. It kind of worried me the first time, but in talking to my neighbor who's sixth child is starting kindergarten now, she says she's received the letter nearly every year, never transferred anyone, and her kids have turned out just fine...

  2. I'm not in school, so I can't play. :(

    But if you want to play Balderdash or something, I am totally in.

  3. I guess we don't eat your kind of apples, but we have something called the WASL and then some other acronyms. Anywho, , if you want to see our data.

  4. prosper is excellent: 2009-2010 for AYP Proficiency Rate including Growth
    99% met standard on TAKS,
    but this school district comes with other problems that make me consider homeschooling sometimes - like privileged mean kids who have lost touch with reality. Its a trade off for sure.

  5. 96.6 AYP for the most recent math data on Kennedy's elementary school. I am pleased so far...