Friday, August 19, 2011

How it's going.

Homeschool offers a few perks. Like minimal sick days. That is a bonus I have really been looking forward to. Last year, during Grace's debut into the glorious and grody world of kindergarten, we caught everything. The flu, swine flu, RSV. This year I was giddily anticipating the flu fairy passing us by.

Instead, we are somehow the only people in town with pink eye. And since my immune system believes in self torture, I am also sporting a prize-winning cold sore.

I didn't know it before (probably because I haven't had pink eye since I was, like, six), but wearing contacts is sort of impossible while experiencing mucous-y itchiness. So I have let them bathe in their case on my windowsill this week. Conveniently for me, my glasses (which I hated anyway) have been MIA since my Mom's incident at the beginning of this year (people lose important things in stress. Okay, fine, let's be honest. I lose important things every day of the week.) This means I am, for all intents and purposes, basically blind.

But I am a homeschooler, and getting out of the house is a number one priority. So I may or may not have driven to the library, corrective vision be darned. (Don't bother asking why a family with pink-eye may have been venturing out of the house in the first place.) And as a result of that short drive, let me just say that my car keys are now resting safely on the mantle where they endanger nobody.

So now, in addition to being inexplicably ill, we are now the homeschool family that hunkers down and avoids people. Oh. And my floors are filthy. Because I can't actually see to mop and sweep them.

So. You know, great third week so far.


  1. Um.... Uh.... Did Brad by any chance have this pink eye as well... Even if he didn't actually have it he may have still carried it from us to you... Yep, that's right. We've had it recently. Sorry.

  2. LOL. No. Weston got it first. Long before any of the rest of us did.

  3. You are so great...I love your storytelling abilities. And your humor. I am rendered useless without my contacts too. I am still perplexed as to how Elisa got pink eye when she was only a month old.

  4. ELISE!! This is too funny - I actually just was recovering from mastitis (ugh) last week, and because my body is awesome like your body is awesome, I got a cold sore. Only guess what? It's ON MY CORNEA!!! Ahhh!! I thought it was pink eye and would have just kept trying to fix it at home (I was on antibiotics for the mastitis, so I was convinced it was viral pinkeye and the doctor couldn't do anything for me), had I not talked to my brother-in-law who's an optometrist. Anyway, short story long I totally drove 10 miles back and forth on 4 separate occasions to the optometrist like a drunk driver with no glasses or contacts, and extremely light-sensitive eyes from the cold sore that would involuntarily shut continuously. Bad Alicia!!

    Anyway, I'm totally sympathizing with you at this moment and hope that you feel better! Can't believe our stories are so similar...although I'm feeling a little irresponsible since my keys didn't make it to the mantle where they should have stayed like yours did!

    Get better!!!