Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Must be summer in Texas.

Texas celebrates the beginning of June by welcoming these charming guests:
This fellow is aptly named the June Bug. You could almost draft a calendar based on its impeccable timing.

It's bizarre to hear them at night. They reach for light, and their heavy bodies hit the windows like hail.

The next morning you can fill several dustpans full of the causeless Kamikazes who have dropped to your porch, belly up, by the hundreds.


  1. Crazy. Beautifully written, Elise!

  2. That was just gorgeously written, Elise. Wow.

    And also, yuck. June bugs are icky creatures.

  3. That was disgusting. Thank you for sharing

  4. Ok, you just solved a mystery for me! I found a TON of those little bugs in my windowsill the other day and I was so disgusted I sucked them up with the vacuum hose (there were that many). I'm still a little disturbed that they're all still lying in a vacuum bag in my house somewhere. Ick. Anyway, welcome to the South, right?!