Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yesterday Grace was working on a worksheet of blends. She wouldn't let me look. She has very specific rules about her work. Anytime she works on a project, she figures it out on her own and then surprises me. I guess she likes the reactions I give. I'm always very impressed.

Just as I was this time when I saw this:

Impressed and... surprised.

Apparently, during her five short years of life, she has believed this

to be a CHRain.

I never noticed. Since she learned to speak from me, perhaps I need to enunciate better.



  1. We had this exact same issue occur!

    CHrisha... Nick's sister
    CHrees... a NW favorite
    CHrain... like yours

    Bethelle "figured out" that t-r makes a ch-r sound. RIght.

  2. Even so... that is amazing that she could sound out those words and think of that! She is so smart!!!

  3. Everyone says it that way! Don't hold yourself accountable, except maybe for the fact that she's the smartest little girl in the world!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed by the ones she got right. Those took me too long to answer in my brain ...

    And Chrain makes sense. Perfect sense. I think you should take it as a good sign, maybe?

  5. They all do that!!! You have a very very very normal little girl. I'm fluent in "little kid writing"

    alluva. (all of a)
    osm. (awesome)

    I can continue if you need me to.