Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Our life has been sort of complicated. And, generally speaking, I don't do that well with complicated. I'm usually sort of a stress case amid complication.

That is probably what Brad and my mom would call an understatement.

Let me explain the complications. This will take a while. And there will be no pictures. I will forgive you if you leave.

We are planning on moving. Back to our home. Which has, to this time, been cared for by loving renters. It is in Carlsbad. New Mexico. We plan to move in August.

You might also recall that I have a baby coming that month.

What you might not know is when I found out I was pregnant was about the same time I found out that we might be moving. Somewhere. Anywhere. Who knows where.

So I put off going to the doctor for a lot of reasons. Good reasons. Like... health insurance concerns. And doctor care concerns. Possibly denial. See? Good reasons.

However. We finally made a decision about where we will be living. I think. Pretty sure.

This meant I could finally make an appointment with an ob/midwife group. They delivered Claire. They work an hour and a half from the small town we will be living in. [Claire came in 4 hours, start to finish, barely giving me time to get up there. Hope this one's not any faster. Can anyone imagine Brad delivering a baby in the backseat of a Camry?]

So at 5 and a half months, I had my first visit. Then they scheduled me for my next visit where they would be taking my labs and giving me an ultrasound.

Before you read this next part, please realize that I currently actually live 5 hours away from my doctor. But I am due in August [I think], and we are moving toward the ob in August. So why visit somebody here in Lubbock when I already know where I will be moving and I already love the doctor there? Right? Clear? Good. I know, my logic is irrefutable.

So we've been commuting back and forth between our Lubbock and Carlsbad. We've been looking for jobs, registering for kindergarten, and most recently making a visit to the ob [in Roswell]. When I made my second appointment, we scheduled another road trip to Carlsbad/Roswell.


I. wrote. the. wrong. date.

I showed up to my ultrasound [after a very long drive] a day late. No, they could not fit me in. This office services a rural community of people who show up from all over. They. are. backed. up.

I'm sure you can imagine my frustration. humiliation. my really red and dejected, almost weepy face.

I had wasted so much time. In terms of driving, in terms of baby gestation and planning for a boy or girl, I had been irresponsible...

But Brad [who had driven me to the appointment] just laughed. Comforted me. Took me to lunch. Gave me permission to temporarily ignore texts from my family asking whether the baby was a boy or a girl. Told me not to worry.

He is apparently not a stress case amid complication.

Then we drove the hour and a half back to Carlsbad, stayed a few nights, and drove three and a half hours back to Lubbock.

Now I am seven months pregnant. Have not yet had labs or an ultrasound. I am scheduled for one on Tuesday. This Tuesday. Pretty sure. I wrote it down.

But guess what the really serious downside of having a late ultrasound is? The further along a pregnancy, the less precise the due date.

This means that sometime in August I will be moving. And having a baby. Sometime. Hopefully in that order.

Wish I could reserve my mom for the whole month, but my brother is getting married the last week of August. [also wish I could go to the wedding, but you can only wish for so many things.]

Excuse me while I hyperventilate.


  1. Haha, your story is even better written down! I was laughing out loud. You're writing is great! Good thing there is blogging cuz I'll sure miss you when you are gone!

  2. AHHHHHHHH- I am so sorry. What a bummer. You guys got a lot going on! Good luck Elise. I can't wait to see what you are going to have

  3. You can reserve me for a month! I'm ready!!! AND I won't be busy!

  4. If we were closer, I would totally give you a hand ... or five. Wow. Just. Wow.

  5. That would really be the worst, but Brad is right, at that point all you can do is laugh or cry and crying gives me a headache!

    Are you so irregular that you can't calculate accurately? Or base it on the past experience of your other two girls? My third and fourth "due dates" have been exactly calculated by me not an ultrasound.

    I'm not a fan of going to the doctor early it just makes the beginning that much more real and I mean real sick. If I ignore it, it's not so bad.

    I say you pick a day, one that works in your schedule and tell your baby that is when they need to come. I really belive there is power on focusing on certian day. Of course I also think it has to be the day you have thought of from the very beginning...ok I'm starting to ramble and sound a little crazy.

    Good luck with everything this summer and remember to laugh a little, worring gets you know where! :)

  6. well, elise, i think we might be in a race to see who has the more complicated/emotionally demanding/bizarre move ahead of us this summer. how far is lubbock from san antonio? hold on. i'll google it. oh. it's six and a half hours. rats. maybe we can figure out a way to see each other anyway....

  7. Elise! And I thought I had done the crazy move-and-have-a-baby thing, but you take it to new heights. Good luck, sweetie! I agree that you should just pick a convenient due date and stick with it.

  8. You poor thing! I can totally see myself doing something like that - TOTALLY. I wish I had been there to yell at that practice! Really - are they robots? Can they not understand the situation??

    I'm very glad you have a sweet husband, though. =)