Thursday, May 6, 2010

He also has a sense of humor.

I just got the first church calling I've had in 6 months.

I'm so excited about teaching little munchkins in Primary. Can't even tell you.

So tonight, I've been studying the manual just before putting my children to bed.

And, as usual, Claire delays bedtime as long as possible. But this time (no, this is not usual), she chokes on a nickel and throws up all over next week's lesson.

It's entitled, "Jesus Christ has the Power to Heal."

Won't it be funny... when I'm released... for the next teacher to come across that page smelling strongly of vomit?

I hope her first thought is, "What kind of object lesson was that?"


  1. the best kind.

    (Jesus has a great sense of humor, I think.)

  2. Ask if Brad can be your teaching partner. That was the smartest thing I did. Now I get to be with Heebie ALL Sunday! (and seeing him in Primary somehow gives me the giggles since its his first time)

  3. oh elise. your stories never fail to make me snort. i don't get much snorting otherwise, so, thanks.