Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Bedtime Prayer, brought to you by Grace

dear henlee father

thank thee for the food.

[LONG pause]

i'm dreaming with my eyes closed

i'm dreaming and i'm saying a prayer

and there's... a monkey...?

and he's in a box...

and he's trying to get out of the box...

and... i love my school very very very much.

room j is so so so so fun.

SO fun.



  1. What happened to the monkey???? I love it, Elise!

  2. Here's my LP:

    dear henly fader, we thank thee...play. peas bess us...play.

  3. So cute! I wish I could record everything they say.

    I loved Hyrum's prayer last week, when we had my brother-in-law's girlfriend over and he said, "Thank thee for Elia's girlfriend..."

    I love the innocence and creativity.

  4. This makes me wish I had a creature like Grace. But every time I've seen Grace I've wished that. She's lovely.

  5. Poor monkey! Hopefully Grace will let him out in her dream.

    Brian showed Gwen the video of the NM female soccer player who was delivering a bunch of cheap shots on the BYU players during a game--the lesson being to not beat on her sisters. Well tonight she said in her prayer "And please bless that I won't pull anyone's hair." (You've gotta look up that video).

  6. I just found your blog---such a cute prayer. Do you remember us from Provo?

  7. I cannot get over how good this is. So so so so good.