Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Road Trip

We Nevilles have taken a ridiculous number of road trips this year. Mostly between Texas and New Mexico. We see a lot of interesting and beautiful and nasty [see giant dead wild pig] things. We drive through little one-horse towns, and I think to myself, "Who decided to come to the middle of nowhere and build a town? And why did all these other people follow them?"
Take a look at the ancient gas station pictured above, for example. You should know that the door to this building is locked and the interior is full of junk. There are maybe five other dilapidated buildings in the area (and it's difficult to determine whether they're in use). Every time I pass I think: Who is paying the electricity bill on that vending machine? I wonder if I could get a soda out of it.
Keeps me up at night, people.
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  1. Hopefully one of your road trips will lead to our door sometime again soon. Love the pics.

  2. Elise you should be a photographer! Those pictures are way cool, could look good hanging in a room in the house. I'm just saying!

  3. Elise, I wonder the same things. Especially everytime I drive through Idaho. Lots of tumbleweed and very dry. Must have took a lot of determination for anyone to settle in such a place.

    Love your pics. Love your writing.

  4. Loved hearing from you. Love you.

  5. What lovely, lovely pictures.