Monday, February 2, 2009

Greener Grass

Tonight I folded laundry while watching Backyardigans and dancing and singing and giggling with my girls. It shouldn't really have felt special. But it did. For three reasons.
  1. I don't fold my own laundry anymore. And I had apparently--to my great surprise-- been missing it.
  2. The episodes were brand-new. And seriously. I love that show.
  3. It gave me a false sense of routine. And that was the best part. For a second I didn't have to snatch every precious instant in my memory for safe-keeping. It felt so ordinary. Like it was something that happens every day. Even though it doesn't.
Which is okay. Because someday soon I will be folding all my laundry. And living in my own house in which I will be doing all of my own housework. 

And I think I will like it more than I used to.


  1. This gave me chills as I read it. Not scary ones. Good ones. Like I know that someday you will have all those things. Thanks so much for keeping such a great perspective on life.

  2. Maybe I'll have to check out this Backyardigans show while I waste away at work...