Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Lot Going On

Sometimes motherhood is stressful. And kind of embarrassing. Like today. When a member of our stake presidency came to set Jay apart for his mission and Grace let him in. She was stark naked. Really set the mood for the evening.

I'm sure I'll laugh about it. Eventually.

I know this because today I found some pictures from last June. The month we were so overwhelmed that we both forgot our anniversary. But still I took pictures. Because a lot happened. And I knew I would laugh someday. And this week, I did.

My children. sort of clothed. Shredding newspaper.
Oh, and Brad. Feeling overwhelmed over all the work required on our house. Hoping I will be cleaning up the mess. Which I did. It took me a week. There was a lot of newspaper.

Very happy. Maybe they should have been hamsters. Hmm. Missed opportunity there.

Really excited about shredded newspaper.
The toys were packed. They would have been excited playing with dirt. And, in fact, they were. That, and food they scavenged.

That is a package of Gerber Sweet Potatoes. And that is our only couch. And Claire. Naked.

And that is Cran-Applesauce with Cocoa Puffs. And new grout. And Claire. Naked.

And that is Great Value's version of Nestle Quik. And Claire. Naked. Apparently we packed the clothes with the toys.

And based on these observations from our household in the month of June, we learn that my children are hungry, bored, naked, and in need of attention.

But deeply loved. And very funny.


  1. Oh the things you continue to teach me. I loooove your attitude. That's right. I love it enough to give it 5 o's in one word.

  2. or 4 o's (it's still early for me!) But I do love it.

  3. Isn't being a mom fun? Always a mess to take care of!

  4. I am so glad my children aren't the only ones answering the door naked.