Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Resolve

in no particular order, to:
  1. Learn conversational Spanish. Enough to understand my mother's housekeeper since nobody else does. 
  2. Have personal scripture study 15 minutes per day during waking hours. Because scriptures do not help you when you are sleeping on them.
  3. Put our house on the market. This will mean a lot of work for us. But you will get the before-and-after pictures. Lucky you.
  4. Sacrifice More. Because I am selfish.
  5. Say "just a minute" only twice per day. 
  6. Spend more time on the floor with the girls. 15 minutes a day.
  7. Leave work by 4:30 every day. I start at 7:30. And I usually stay too late.
  8. Obey that voice that tells me to do good things. Even when they're awkward. Like picking up trash that I didn't litter. Or asking overwhelmed-looking strangers if they need help.
  9. To eat sweets on Sunday. And not any other day. [Because apparently cold-sores feed on sugar. And especially chocolate. Which means I will be eating about half of my habitual diet from now on.]
  10. To get muscles in my calves and arms. Because Brad has affectionately dubbed my current body type "tree-trunk-with-four-twigs-sticking-out." And I would prefer to be well-proportioned. Preferably while slimming down the "trunk" portion.
And that is enough. Because I am busy.


  1. 1. you are not selfish. in FACT just TODAY I was working on a scene in my book where I am thinking about how to convince YOU (particularly you!) how you need to be more selfish.

    2. I want a spanish speaking housekeeper.

  2. 1. I am a CHARACTER in your BOOK?! Well. My head's going to be bloated for weeks now. Can I read it someday?! Is it about England? (I am really excited. Can you tell?)

    2. They are very nice, even when completely non-communicable.

  3. More selfish about time with the girls, Brad and yourself. Do it. You deserve it. And cut yourself some slack. No one is harder on us than we are on ourselves, why? People like us anyway. And if they don't they can eat it. We love you.

  4. yes, England. and of course you can read it! assuming I finish it... but you could read the fragments even if I don't.

  5. Gosh Elise, you're going all out. I've started buying more and different kinds of vegetables, and occasionally cage-free eggs, and that's it for personal improvement.

    Honestly, if you're only getting seven hours of sleep per night, none of these things will happen unless you move bedtime up a bit. Maybe 10:50 to start?

    And leave your body be. You look fine to me. Tell Brad to find something ornery to describe his own body type, and go back to daily sweets (in moderation!).