Wednesday, September 3, 2008

That's not exactly short for...

My husband has this thing with nicknames. In high school, he told me my name took too much energy to say. (To his credit, he was adding on the "EE" at the beginning of my name instead of the "Uh" as people--myself included--usually do, so I suppose it caused him a teensie bit more mouth work. Sort of.) So for a while there he was calling me EL. Seriously.

It didn't really stick. And maybe his energy has increased because these days he calls me Elise. Or sweetie, honey, and cutiepie.

But it's the nicknames he's given our children that are at issue. And these nicknames are not really for shortening purposes. They're just for kicks.

For example. Claire has been known in our household as: Claire Bear (well, okay, that's predictable, but keep reading), Clear Beer (a spin-off of the former--not a reference to a beverage choice), Claire-de-Lune (well, my mom initiated that one), Clairee Pie, and (my favorite) Claritin Clear.

Grace answers to: Amazing Grace, Gracie, Grake, Graco, Greek, and Grease (or Greece. whichever you prefer). Grease is Brad's most frequently used nickname for Grace. I'm sure that will thrill an adolescent Grace.

Purposeless nicknames. They're fun. You should try it sometime.


  1. Hilarious nicknames! I pronounce your name "EE-lease." A lot of people in Jason's family call me Diane. I don't correct them anymore. To them, I'm Diane. Diana is too difficult, I guess. And happy birthday to Claire. Turning 1 is the best!

  2. I empathize with you. Steve still calls Abigail "Flabby Abbey". She is now 14 years old. I have tried to explain to Steve that maybe this isn't a good nickname. He reassures me that it is a term of endearment. Abigail seems to understand that and always smiles and laughs when he calls her that. I still cringe.

  3. I always call Grace Gracie-goo-goo. I don't know why. And when Brad was growing up I called him Braddy-pie. I always just call you Uh-lees. All of which are better than Janna Banana.

  4. Gwen: PenGwen, Gwendy Gwendy lyn.

    Ruby: Wubes, Wa-wa (she used to and kind of still does cry alot)

    Dempsey: Dempsey Doodle

    Brian: brine (imagine a southern accent)

    Maren: Marlin my darlin, Marleigh, Marble, Moron (former nickname given by my brother)

    Rocko: Taco

  5. Kelly and I were gasping for air with laughter. Brad is funny but most of all you just write all down perfectly so we all feel like we are there when it happens laughing right along. My fave:Claritin Clear. That's not shorter at all!