Friday, September 5, 2008

The Malaprop Queen

Tonight Brad and I went on a double date with my parents. We went out to eat, and then we split up: the boys went to Home Depot and the girls went to Target. While at Target, my mom spotted the Ped-Egg. They are files for the dead skin on your feet. Perhaps you've seen them at 2 am on a TV infomercial. Brad did (well, not at 2 am), and immediately grabbed for the phone. Which I politely withheld from him.

My mom is not like me. She indulges him at every opportunity. She does all of us, really, but especially Brad. Probably because he's so easy to to please.

So she grabbed the Ped-Egg. And some ice cream. And a couple of pretty dishes.

And when we checked out, the total of our small collection of items reached--well, an appallingly high number. I held up our five half-full bags, looked at them and said, "Where is all that money?"

"Expensive ice cream." My mom said. And then added, "I'll bet it was those ped-a-files."



She winced in shock when she realized what she'd said. But you should have seen the look of the guy passing us in the store.

We died laughing. 



  1. So does it work?! I am intrigued by the pediped as well, so I will anxiously await a follow-up.

  2. What is it anyway, pediped, pedi-egg, ped-a-files. What on earth is it...we need an explanation and a review

  3. I can't believe I didn't mention that. They're you know, those little foot files. I will definitely include a review as soon as Brad even opens his much-anticipated gift.

  4. K we got one and it's not even as cool as the tv makes it look, as usual. But seriously it just sits on our table, we never us it because it isn't any better than a normal foot file thing. But I hope Brad likes it! Not to burst his bubble or anything reviewing it for you.

    On another note: girls night is the best!

  5. I love mine. It works great. But I am scalier than normal. Great.

  6. I've got one too - very helpful for my very dry heels!