Thursday, July 3, 2008

If Only

I still shower with Grace. I admit, she's probably getting a bit old for that. A fact which was brought to my attention earlier today as we were getting out of the shower.

We'd been in there for a while. And so I held out Grace's hand, pointed to her fingertips, and said, "Grace! Your fingers look like raisins! What did you do to them?"

She replied, "I didn't do that! The water did it!" We laughed.

Then her little finger poked my not-so-little tummy and she exclaimed, "Mommy, look! The water made your tummy into a raisin, too!"

She was sadly mistaken. [Sob.]

I hate stretch marks.


  1. That's funny. Yeah, stretch marks suck.

  2. That made me laugh out loud. Oh my goodness. I am sorry to laugh at your expense, but i am sure one day i will have them too!

  3. ps. Did i tell you i want to name my first daughter grace? I love love love that name. I laugh at the things she does and think to myself... I will probally have one just like her. (If she is anything like me!)

  4. Don't be sad Elise, atleast you don't have the stretchmarks PLUS plenty of extra Chub left behind. Working my pooch off is only going to take a few DECADES! :)