Friday, July 4, 2008

A Conversation Between Grace and Brad

"Daddy, I love you," Grace says, rubbing Brad's cheek.

"I love you too, Grace."

Grace grimaces. "Daddy. Your face is ugly."

Huh. What a nasty change of subject. "Uh, really?" is all Brad can muster.

"Daddy, how did your mom make your face so ugly?"


"It's very porky," she says. "Like a porky-pine."

"Yes. Yes it is."


  1. A porky-pine. that's cute. I know our boys are scratchy but they are still darling. Love you all.

  2. hillarious! Wish we could meet Grace in person...sounds like quite the personality!

  3. Ha that's too funny. I know Grace is just little and meant that his face was scratchy but I hope Brad knows he's so handsome and we love and miss him! I'm a bad sister, I never call... Just know I think about you guys oft.

  4. Just when I think you couldn't possibly make me laugh in every single post. So funny!

  5. That is hilarious! I love the honesty of little children, like when Gwen thinks I stink, (like at the end of a day after some hard yardwork or something, or just in general :), she'll just say, "Mommy, you stink! You need a shower!" I love how kids just tell it how it is!

  6. P.S. Not that Grace was correct in saying Brad is ugly--he's not! but that she was just saying how she felt about the porky-pine face!