Friday, December 28, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

Claire rolled over on the bathroom floor today while I was curling my hair. I made a big deal out of it: "Yay, Claire! What a big girl! You rolled over! Yay!" I feel sorry for the people who overhear me talk in my high-excited-mommy voice. So annoying. Grace must have heard me because she rushed in and yelled, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! I can roll over too!" And then she proceeded to do a very squirmy roll-over. Two things occurred to me just then: Number One. Rolling over is weird. Nobody does it in real life. Number Two. Grace needs attention. So I cheered for Grace and told her what a great roll she did and what a big girl I thought she was. Maybe if I can be equally excited about both children they won't feel the need to out-do each other. I obviously haven't done a good enough job of that yet.


  1. i'm going to stop lurking, elise. i love your little quips. don't stop writing. you've got a fan.

    as per santa, i grew up in a house without santa. yup. never cared about the guy. never left him cookies. never wrote him letters. never sat on his lap. and i'm a [relatively] sane adult. follow your heart.

    and it's comforting to hear you loving your small town. we've got a job opportunity in logandale, nevada. (not even a seedy denny's there.) if you can make it (and love it), can i?

  2. Jes, I'm so glad you decided to stop lurking. I love everything you have to say, always. I wish I could write like you.

    And Jessie, if I can make it living in a small town, I have no doubt that you can. I can't say enough good about living the slow, non-materialistic life--trailers and all. Wouldn't trade it and hope I don't ever have to.