Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy half-birthday to the little nugget!

In celebration, here's a list of what motherhood has made me do over the past year-and-a-half:

  1. Cut coupons
  2. Worry loudly over infantile constipation
  3. Snap over 1000 photos
  4. Trash any hopes of scrapbooking them
  5. Gratefully accept hand-me-down clothes
  6. Pick someone else's nose
  7. Disco-jive to Bach (Baby Einstein Style)
  8. Stop pleasure-reading
  9. Visit my parents in Texas every other month
  10. Sit helpless in the airplane while the strapped-in-her-car-seat monkey rhythmically kicks the seat of the man in front of her
  11. Make repeated apologies for things I have no control over (but maybe I used to do that before)
  12. Speak in high, faux-excited tones
  13. Walk ten minutes every day getting only half way up the street
  14. Carry a purse that holds: A bottle of Children's Motrin, 1 sippy cup containing rotten milk, 1 empty baby-wipe container, 1 half-full baby wipe container, sticky M&Ms, never more than $4 cash, flouride, mineral oil, 2 bottles of water, a ziploc bag of raisins, an old-no-longer-in-service-cell phone, and 0 diapers. (How can I always forget those?)
  15. Fear: heights, bathwater, flammable pajamas, carbon monoxide, vehicles in reverse, germs, and church nursery
  16. Go to the bathroom with the door open
  17. Panic when I fail to get home by 2:00 pm for naptime
  18. Cry at the end of "The Little Engine That Could" (in the middle of Storytime at the local Library)


  1. I think number 11 is something you already did plenty of.

  2. Hmm. Sounds like you know me. Who are you?

  3. Sorry, this is Spencer... The guy from England. T-quad refers to my dream name of Trevor Trevor Trevor with four Ts.