Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grace said "no" today. I've been fearing the word for weeks, and now that the dreadful day has arrived, I wish it had come sooner. "No" (even if it's screamed) is better than another one of those writhing, teeth-gnashing tantrums.

Her vocabulary now includes: go (usually repeated over and over and over), shoe, ow, Mommy, Dad (which she shouts from her crib. Wonder why she doesn't call for me?), hot, hi, diaper (barely recognizeable as "bie-boh"), and uh-oh, which was also her first word. Is that really all? Ten words. And we keep telling ourselves she's a genius.

She is, at the very least, busy.

Brad got home from school yesterday while I was making muddy buddies, and attacked me into cuddling with him. I like that part of the day. Anyway, Grace played in the kitchen where we found her like this.

Take a look at the video:

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