Saturday, October 13, 2012


We had a family meeting the other night. We passed around ultrasound snapshots of our fetal baby girl (!) and then we opened the floor to name suggestions.

When Claire offered up the first suggestion, I laughed out loud. What I received in return was a stern look from Brad and a reprimand: "Write it down!" to which I rolled my eyes and... wrote it down.

...along with the rest of the suggestions. Here's a short selection for your reading pleasure:

1. Marjhayuh (per Claire, please make sure you pronounce the jh as the "ge" in garaGE.)
2. Duhreesha
3. Kirshel
4. Fer-reela (yes, a real suggestion, Fer reela.)
5. Kalichee (which happens to be a type of dirt common to the area)
6. Carilla (not gonna lie. Actually considered this ancestral name for Claire until we paired it with our last name.)
7. Repella
...and my personal favorite...
8. Shaboo.

Heaven help our little girl.


  1. Too funny. All great names. Definitely rhyme the name with "Neville." That would be awesome.

  2. I'm impressed with your fantastic spelling of each of these names. I can tell that no matter what name you choose, it's going to look beautiful! : ) I'll give you my three that Scott shot down and I've determined to name my first three lambs ...

    1. McKenna

    What do you know, you've already used the other two names I wanted! : )

    Just as a post note, Scott told me last week that he has finally grown accustomed to my three picks and if were ever to have another girl, I could use any of them. The moral of the story is start the name campaign years prior to the actual need for the name! : )

  3. Is she going to be of African American descent? So hilarious! Who came up with all these? Just kids, I can see Brad saying a few of these as well.

  4. Um... they were pretty much all Claire. No. They were all Claire.

  5. Does Claire know other girls who have these names?
    And BTW - congrats! I didn't know yet that your new one will be another girl... You make cute ones!