Monday, February 6, 2012

This week in pictures. And other stuff.

Today I went grocery shopping. Don't know about you, but grocery shopping for me is kind of an ordeal. I spend several hours gathering sales ads for our grocery stores and then building menus based on those ads. And then sometimes when, in spite of my best efforts, my grocery bill goes way over budget (like today), I try to avoid throwing up while swiping my debit card. Blech.

My life does not get much more interesting than whining over groceries. Serious. However. I do have some pictures to share. Not interesting ones. But. They exist.

Note for example, exhibit A:

If this just looks like a mess to you (albeit an unconventional one), I recommend this and then this and then of course the entire Winnie the Pooh 2011 movie. And also you should meet Claire. It was her idea.

Exhibit B:

Yes, that is Claire helping herself to a oh-so-nutritious dinner of boxed Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs. You can feel sorry for me. I am well-aware that this photo screams, "I give up." And it's true--I mostly have. A couple of days out of every week I cook something I have seen on Giada at Home or America's Test Kitchen. I have the lowest of expectations about anyone eating anything at all. But it's a compromise we can all live with. At least until we die of over-processed food poisoning.

Exhitbit C:

Whose child is this? She is wearing a panda hat, tiger socks, a floral dress, a jacket that matches nothing, and she appears to be standing on a table. Somebody call CPS.

And that friends, is what happened this week. I know you're so glad you stopped to read.
Thank you, come again.


  1. Love it. Love every single bit of every single picture!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy blog stalking you. You make me laugh. or cry. every single time. Thank you :)

  3. I SOO wish we lived closer. We have twin lives. And I wish they intersected on a regular basis. Love you, girl!