Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to blogging

I would apologize for not blogging. Seems like that's what is done when a large lapse between blogs occurs. But. I'm pretty sure you've been getting along just fine during my long silences. And so have I. I've been busy. For example. This week, my mom went to Utah to help my sister, Brittany, with her darling twins. (I will post pics when I get good ones.) While she traveled there, I went to HER house in Dallas to hold down the fort, drive my youngest sister around, and keep her company while my dad was on call.

We had a fabulous time.

My kids have never had extended time with Papa when Grandma was not around. And it was delightful to get his undivided attention. He took them 4-wheeling, fishing, ant-killing (after Claire got attacked they decided to take revenge), and tickled them to near-tears. He and I talked, watched movies, and burned pizza.

And Wes played in the mud. And with Papa's exposed sprinklers.

Karlee made me pull her hair through a plastic cap with a crochet hook. It took me two hours. And it hurt her. And then we left the bleach in for too long. Whoops.

Whew. I love a good vacation. I love a fun family.


  1. These are pretty cute!! I need to leave more often. The girls looked like they were having tons of fun. Weston looks like he's found his calling in life. Thank you for coming. Dad needed the distraction,,

  2. absolutely love the pictures. thanks for sharing.

  3. Well geez, is Karlee's hair ok?? That's kind of a big deal but I guess you guys aren't too worried about it. I'm glad the kids got to spend time with Gramps W. Your photography is seriously professional.

  4. ugh. fire ants. the worst thing about texas.

  5. Thanks for the pics Elise. They're fabulous. I rarely get to see my brother and his non-Utah family so this is very nice. The ant bites look hideous... I guess I'll be more patient with the little black ants we deal with.

  6. Oh I love your parents! I miss them. And I can't believe your sister had twins! Your son looks like he is so much fun! Can't wait to meet your kids someday. Love you and miss you.

  7. SERIOUSLY fabulous pictures at the pond fishing!!! Hope you are printing those out and framing them! : )

  8. These pictures are beautiful!!! In other news, my blog had issues - I am hating google right now - so we are back to blogspot. Here's the address: