Monday, June 13, 2011

Business Vacation Part Two.

Ugh. I hate writing travel logs. And you probably hate reading them. But here it is anyway.

We loved Maryland's dense trees. I had forgotten how woodsy the east coast can be. Man, I can't believe I live in the desert.

Brad parallel parked on Pennsylvania Avenue.

We went to the Museum of Natural History.

What a pretty building.

We even got a picture together in front of the Archives building (I think) which we did not go inside. Which I still feel sad about.

We became masters of parking signs. Yeeha.

We went on a free walking tour of the National Mall which was totally awesome. Our guide was hilarious.

In the middle of our tour of the WWII memorial, it started to pour.

And thunderstorm. The lightening was gorgeous.

This is at the Vietnam memorial. Brad and I had the privilege of visiting the Friday prior to Memorial Day weekend, so we toured the war memorials alongside veterans--hundreds of them bikers who planned on parading down the street that Monday. It was pretty amazing to be there with them.

Lincoln. Amazing president. And lightening sure made the memorial dramatic.

Weston. Crawling before the Gettysburg address.

The end.

Go to DC.


  1. You should have let us know you were going to be in town! Now we feel shafted.

  2. I LOVE writing travel logs. My dream job is to be a travel writer. Not so compatable with family life unfortunately.