Wednesday, April 20, 2011

By plane.

Wes is an awesome travel buddy. I strapped him around me with my Moby, and we strolled the airports passing grumpy, delayed travelers. He's too much for the determined grump. The kid could charm the socks off Oscar the Grouch. Strangers of all types cooed, grinned, and chuckled. I met amazing people with my giggling, bouncing conversation starter.

It probably helped that he didn't make a fuss in any of our four flights spread over 3 and a half hours.

I'm not biased at ALL.


  1. I like how I held him WAY more over last weekend than Elliot did and I'm in none of the pictures yet you have 2 of Elliot. Nice, Elise

  2. Um, he was only smiling when I was holding him.

  3. He's adorable and I love that little outfit!

  4. Pretty sure you aren't biased - that kid is ADORABLE! Glad it went well, I always love a smooth-trip-with-a-baby-story.