Thursday, December 2, 2010

Always on the road.

I love me some good road trip pics. Unfortunately, these are nothing like good road trip pics. I took most of them from a moving car and with a new lens that doesn't auto-focus. Good excuses, yes?

I love this trip between Dallas and Carlsbad. We could take an interstate to get there, but it's more direct to take the highways. We pass through towns that appear completely abandoned and make you wonder why someone would move there in the first place.

This time, we took a quick little drive through Anson, Texas. It's one of the bigger towns on the route. It's also one of the cuter ones. It's named for the last president of the Republic of Texas, Anson Jones.

Also, all along this highway are cotton fields. Have you ever actually seen a cotton field? I hadn't until we moved here. It was so strange to see cotton actually growing--on a plant--that I stopped my car and picked up some stragglers that had been left behind by harvesters. It is weird to pick a cotton ball from a bush.

When the cotton is harvested by these giant trucks, a lot of the cotton flies in the air. It looks like it's snowing. And then those machines squish the cotton into the most delightfully humongous cubes of fluff. I imagine they would be fun to jump on. Or sleep on.


  1. I especially love the side-view mirror shot.

  2. I have to get out my road atlas to see where Anson is. Sounds like a cool place. Too bad we never go anywhere. :) P.S. the word verification for this comment is "rebra." Rebra? Exactly.