Monday, March 1, 2010

Where am I?

I'm at the mall playground. Yes. We come here a lot.

It's Monday. Afternoon. There are about 10 kids here. 7 adults. Including me. I am one of only two women. The rest appear to either be dads or mannies. Yes. I said mannies.

Weird. Good weird, but... Weird.

I'm sure this happens lots of other places. But not in Lubbock.


  1. not in Provo, either.

    Once at BYU, there was a man at the playground and someone called the police because he *must* be a child molester. That he might be, like, an involved dad never even crossed anyone's mind. ah, Provo. Gender backwards and police with nothing better to do. (Wasn't 'Police Beat' the BEST, though?)