Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Grace starts a community ballet class tomorrow.

As I tucked her in for bed tonight, she adjusted her pillow and exclaimed, "Mom, I am really so so excited for ballet."

She grinned. A grin that could have single-handedly ended the Cold War. She looked at the ceiling and sighed, "I wonder will there be a recital."

It wasn't really a question she expected me to answer because her head snapped back to face me and she earnestly inquired, "Could you please help me with my tights tomorrow? They are *fragile* and I don't want to *rip* them."

I assured her I would, and her gaze wistfully returned to the ceiling.

At this point, Claire, who had just been reminded of the tumbling class she would begin this week, started attempting somersaults on the bed. She plowed into Grace who hardly noticed.

I kissed them both, turned off the light, and began to shut the door according to Grace's precise width instructions.

And then Grace softly called, "Mama?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"You're beautiful," she said.

I had just returned from the gym. I assure you, I looked like a sweaty Richard Simmons.

Apparently her joy has made everything lovely.

I kissed her again. I squished them both and told them how happy they make me. And then I left, wondering.

I'm not sure I can recall the last time I was awestruck. Or the last time I even expressed excitement.

Maybe that's why the world seems slightly less lovely these days.

Anybody know where I can get me some awe? And let me spare you a suggestion: I won't be enrolling in ballet.


  1. What a big girl. She's so wonderful. We all need to spend time with little children more often so that we can remember that the other things we are doing are not as important as being mothers.

  2. I don't know ... that sounded pretty awestruck right there. Maybe what we're awestruck by changes? But is no less important? Hmmmm ... I shall think on this.

    Your kids are wonderful.

  3. I agree with seems like you get your awe from your girls. Jude seems to be my main source these days.

  4. Elise - you are my source of awe. I really enjoy reading your blog. wish i had time to swing by more often. I really miss having you near by. Kids are great aren't they.
    I put a dress on for church last week that I hadn't worn since before Dallin was born. I walked into the girls room to see how they were doing and Danica's face light up and she said 'ohh mom - you are soooo beautiful'
    They sure make you feel good don't they.