Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Overheard from bed this morning

Claire had just opened all the shutters in the room. Grace had been asleep until the sun hit her in the face.

Grace [groggy]: Claire, could you do me a favor, please?
Claire: Yeth.
Grace: Could you please shut all the windows? I'm still sleeping.
Claire: Yeth. [Claire shuts the shutters.]
Grace: Thank you.
Claire: 'elcome.

I was so impressed with Grace's civility after just having woken up.

Should I be less proud considering that two minutes later Claire reopened the shutters and Grace screamed bloody murder?


  1. HAHA!! Oh, I giggle again. Heb and I got a kick out of this. What sweet girls you've got. No, you shouldn't be less proud. Little kids have the memory of like 2 minutes anyway so Claire did the best she could.

  2. Hey will you give Britt my email and ask to be invited to her blog. :) thanks I can't find a recent email for her

  3. Perfection.

    Bottomline, I tell the 1st graders if you try one "solution", one "problem solving technique" and it doesn't work, switch tactics.

    Grace switched tactics. She did what she had to do :)

  4. This is kind of how I parent. I'm nice first -- always. And then I turn into the mean cop.

  5. Sounds like Christopher and I every morning (including the screaming bloody murder part...well, not really, usually it's me mumbling something in a half-dream stupor and Christopher rolling his eyes and walking out of the room. ;)