Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep...

Grace's prayer tonight went something like this:

"Heavenly Father,

Please bless me to set the table.

Please bless Karlee to set it tomorrow.

I am sad because she set the table today.

Thank Thee for Mommy

and Daddy

and Jesus.

Thank Thee for the Leaves

and the trees.

And please bless our trees to grow.



  1. How precious to peer into the mind of a child. I can't wait to hear the things going on inside my little Dallin's head at prayer time. How funny.

  2. No! You are fine - I just didn't know who you were! Sorry!!!!

  3. That is just proof little girls are so different than little boys. My boys prayer tonight went something like this.
    Thank you God, for our wonderful day.
    Thank you for T-ball.
    Bless our family will laugh and play together. And we will cry and go to timeout together.
    Bless Robbys owie to go away.
    Help me get a better scar than Robby.
    Thanks again for T-ball.
    (I love reading your blog. It's tough bein a mama, but it sure is great!)

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  5. Elise, I love you but 6 weeks? Seriously? I was counting on seeing at least one other post to help me get through finals.