Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My flesh has launched a revolt. Against me. I haven't been well for a month. And I assume it is my body's angry response to my lack of rest. You might be thinking that it's only natural for sickness to follow unrest. And maybe it is. But I think It's just being selfish.

If I could, I would step outside myself and yell, "Buck up, Body! There is lots to do. And we can either do it sick, or we can do it healthy. But either way, we wake up at 6:00, and we go to bed at 11:00. And either way, there is work to go to, there are meetings to attend, and there are children to play with. So what do you choose? Are you going to help me out? Are we going to be on the same team?"

Unfortunately, I think my disciplinary tactics are sort of ineffective and my body [like Grace] probably wouldn't listen to me.

But it should. Because I am sick of sickness. A constant cold with an incessant cough and intermittent voice loss were punishment enough. But now, well, Ms. Corporeal Mass over here is just getting mean.

My lymph nodes on either side of my jaw are the size of marbles. And I have a fever. And [I know it sounds really lame but] really achey muscles. And apparently all of these symptoms are attributable to the crusty, yellow, dime-sized object on my lip [a revolting thing you may know as a cold sore]. It is my first cold sore. And I'm told it won't be my last. And I am ticked.


  1. ugh. Ever since we've had babies, we spend the ENTIRE winter sick. Drives me batty. Hang in there!

  2. I hear ya. I was sick for a month solid, too. My mean body is just barely giving me a break. Hope yours will, too.

  3. I am so sorry that you are sick Elise! Steve had all of those same symptoms, minus the cold sore. Although he did have some huge canker sores in his mouth. He was sick for a week. Try getting some rest and just sit back and watch some movies. All of those things that have to be done will still be waiting for you when you get better!

  4. No fun! I'm so sorry that you are sick on top of all of the other crazy things you are having to deal with! It really just seems unfair that just when you are feeling low your body has to turn on you, doesn't it?
    If it makes you feel better, I was in a car accident a long time ago and I caught an infection in my face following that caused my face to break out in cold sores (awful...). I still get them on my nose, and really, let me tell you, there aren't many uglier places to get them! So, I feel your pain, if it's any consolation...

    I can't believe I just wrote that on a public comment! Good thing I don't think any of your friends know me! =)

  5. lol. I definitely appreciate it. Especially because I've never seen a cold sore as big as I have on anyone else, I'm breaking out with two more, and my virus-free family is treating me like I have the plague. Three feet radius at all times. :( I'm considering a request to be sent to the leper colony in Hawaii.

    I'm overreacting, huh?