Monday, October 6, 2008


Our children wake up every morning at 6:30.

It's perfect for my workdays. I can feed them, bathe them, dress them and kiss their sweet little cheeks goodbye and watch them wave from the porch.

On weekends it is not perfect. Not a bit.

Long before dawn I can hear Grace tripping up the stairs and slipping past the creaky door. She finds my ever-alternating side of the bed (which happens to be whichever one I collapsed onto) and pulls herself up. And in. And wraps her arms around my neck and draws out a long, "Mo-ommmm.... Wake up! I need some sir-ee-uhl."

I have many excuses to avoid the inevitable:

"Mommy needs to sleep." "Grace needs to sleep." "Oh, but I want to cuddle with you." "There are monsters downstairs eating our cereal. We'd better hide till they're gone."

Okay, I've never actually used the last one. I should though.

But it wouldn't change the outcome.

Because Claire is scheduled to go off in tears at exactly that moment. The moment after the excuse.

And so I always end up dragging my weary self out of that bed. I carry two girls on each hip down the high slippery wooden staircase to the kitchen. I pour Grace a bowl of Lucky Charms, and I fry two eggs for Claire. (she is a fanatic.)

My limbs are floppy and my head is fuzzy and it's easy to get angry.

Motherhood. It's the perpetual cycle of exhaustion.


  1. Oh my gosh, seriously, why is it so hard to wake up? And feed them. All the time I dread when Cora will be hungry because I get stressed out about finding her something to eat that will fill her up and that's somewhat nutritious. But I'm sure that's just me. And, we got your nice card and stuff, you should NOT have done that. We are spoiled. Thank you guys!

  2. That sounds EXACTLY like my morning, every stinking day! Why do kids have to wake up so early? Where are you working?

  3. See, lise, that's why I don't have kids.

  4. You must really love them. You are one tough cookie to wake up when you're tired, and you do it for them everyday. I can't imagine tackling the challenge that they face everyday. Props, Elise.

  5. Elise, I got a new email address, bein' married and all. Would you invite me to see your blog?
    ps Remember what President Monson said, one day you will miss these days, so enjoy them while you have them (easier said than done! I'm just anticipating the days when I have kids at all!)

  6. Wow, you brave soul. I get grumpy when Sam makes too much noise finding his shoes, or wants to turn on the light so I can help him pick a shirt. And that's at 8 in the morning.

  7. Mine wake up at that time too. Then they are grumps by 4 i the afternoon then i get grumpy. But hey - I tell Danica that on Saturday if she is up before me she can do whatever she wants. Usually that means turning on the TV and she can get her own cereal and well - the milk is another story, but she takes care of her sister too. Just wait - You'll get there. (not that i'm not still tired or anything, he he he)